Libby & John
Libby & John

Libby and I spend most of the year in Delray Beach, Florida, but every Summer we move to our place that’s just outside of Barton, VT.

I have been “in the scene” since about 1965. In 1993, my wife, Libby, and I founded The Boston Dungeon Society which is now known as The New England Dungeon Society. In the years since 1992, five of my books have been published: The Loving Dominant, Safe, Sane, Consensual, and Fun,High Tech Toys, Torquemada Killer, and Murder at Roissy.

The Loving Dominant and High Tech Toys are published in soft-cover and Kindle format by Greenery Press. Torquemada Killer and Murder at Roissy. are available in EPub from Xcite Books.

I’ve lectured at literally hundreds of venues both kink and vanilla, but because of a severe neuropathy, I no longer travel to lecture.

My vanilla background includes a stint in the Marine Corps and a couple of decades as a reporter/photographer. Later, I got a doctorate and taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels. After leaving academia, I was the vice president of Erdos & Morgan, a market research company on Madison Avenue in NYC.