IMG_0151This is one of my favorite pictures.  The photographer caught me relaxing after a very special event.  I generally use this as my avatar photo.  I think the grin says a lot.


Libby & John

Meet Libby, my submissive, my wife, my lover and my valued co-author


Because of a pesky neuropathic condition, I no longer can travel extensively so I don’t vend or lecture.  However, I miss those days… Spreading The Word!

This picture and the one below were taken by the talented, Scene-photographer Efrain John Gonzalez.  He gives some great tours of the old Meatpacking district including the site where Hellfire used to be and where I spent so many wonderful nights.

Forced orgasm

Efrain had the timing of an artist.  This was, as I remember, her eighth orgasm.  One has to admire the artwork.


Her-Mentor-Arrives - trimmed

Olivia is my slave.  She and her husband set up this photograph to show the special relationship that we share and it was taken by an incredibly skilled amateur Scene photographer.  (credit: George W Moore/WildePics Photography, all rights reserved.)