High-Tech Toys

High Tech Toys smallHigh Tech Toys has the oddest genesis of any book I’ve written.  When I noticed that Greenery Press had created a series of “chap books” on BDSM play called “Toybag Guides” I was interested.  The concept was to have small books that could fit into a dungeon bag so they would be available for a quick consultation (given the way most dungeons are lit, it would be by using a flashlight).

I was interested in electricity play and proposed one on that topic.  Janet Hardy vetoed the idea because Uncle Abdul had written Juice, and Janet didn’t want Greenery to “step on his toes.”  She countered with the suggestion that I write one centering on what she called “High Tech Applications” that would include electricity.  I’d heard of a few, so I agreed with images of “grope-suits” and “artificial intelligent cyber-slaves” in my head.

Well, I knew about “hardware” and “software”, but my explorations exposed me to a new concept, “vaporware”, something people present as being a product “almost ready for release” but is actually a bunch of sketches on a napkin.

It was interesting.  There are some neat applications for the new materials science has given us, like using Delrin™ to create an unbreakable cane or silicone for penetration toys.  I also came up with some unusual uses for the new “stuff”, take, for example, this creative use for Liquid Latex™.

And, of course, I got to write a few thousand words, with illustrations for the electroplay section.

As with The Loving Dominant, High Tech Toys is available in a Kindle ebook edition.