The Torquemada Killer

TorquemadaKillerThis was actually my first book.  I started writing it shortly after I moved to New York City, and when I met Libby, I changed the name of the heroine.  Much of it was written as I was traveling on the train between New York and Boston.  Fortunately, my then laptop had a lead-acid battery that lasted almost exactly the five hours it took to make the trip.

On the way up, it would begin its warning “beep” as the train went under Route 128 and on the way back, as it descended into the approach tunnel to Penn Station.

Some of my most enjoyable memories of that period was the time I’d take to read to Libby the segments I’d written while traveling north to see her.

A good deal of the story was drawn from my former career as a police reporter in Rhode Island and what was going on then in the New York Scene.  One minor game among Eulenspiegel members was playing “was that you?” after reading the book.

Unfortunately, it didn’t sell.  One publisher suggested he would publish it if I would “remove all the consensual sick stuff” (and leave the serial/slasher killer).  I told him where he could insert the manuscript.

After Masquerade Books published The Loving Dominant, I received a nice call from an editor at Playgirl Magazine.  We chatted a bit and I suggested that she might like to look at a book I’d written but hadn’t gotten published.

She loved it, and from what I understand, told the publisher of Masquerade that he’d be crazy if he didn’t.

He did.

Torquemada Killer passed to oblivion for a while when Masquerade Books folded, but it’s been restored in digital format by the wonderful folks in Xcite Books UK.