Fiction and Nonfiction by John Warren

I’m not a particularly prolific writer; I’ve just been writing a long time. I do love to tell a good tale, especially if it is sensual or educational.


I have had four books published:
The Loving Dominant
Torquemada Killer
Safe, Sane, Consensual and Fun
High-Tech Toys
Murder at Roissy

Torquemada Killer is out of print, as is Safe, Sane, Consensual and Fun. The others can be obtained from www.greenerypress.com 



Waxing-(The Hows and Whys of Hot Wax)

Suspension-(Safety and How-to Advice)

First Scene Surprise (A bit of personal advice about a disappointing first scene)

The Ninety Degree Mistake (Don’t confuse “intensity” with “good”)

Family Ties Keynote Speech (A bit of a call for tolerance)

A Porn Primer (A bit of an overview of the law)



Campus Captive-(Grad students learn all kinds of lessons)

I’m Shy-(There are ways of getting over that.)

One for Tonight-(A bit of Fem Domme fiction with an O’Henry twist)

The Novices-(Convents, exvirgins, whips and hot wax)

Turnabout-(Sometimes the play doesn’t turn out the way you expected)

The Brat– (Sometimes even a Brat can win)

The Schoolgirl-(Even after 10 years the uniform fit… almost)

Fear– (Don’t say “no limits” unless you mean it)

Gangbang– (When a lady wants it ALL)

Blunted Affect– (Sometimes the world is grey )


Excerpts from John Warren’s Books:

Glossary-(Meanings of Some Common Scene Words and Phrases)

Murder at Roissy-(Selection from John Warren’s book)

Scene Preparation – Selection from ‘The Loving Dominant’

The Fly Mindfuck – Selection from ‘The Loving Dominant”

Train Mindfuck

Dolcett – Selection taken from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Pain – A Selection taken from ‘The Loving Dominant’

Types of Pain – Selection from ‘The Loving Dominant’