Train Mindfuck (The Loving Dominant)


This is the essence of what I call the “Wow Mindfuck.”  Its basis is creating a situation where something seems to be one thing but is actually another.


Here are two more examples.


The first was a scene I did later in my relationship with Marty.  One night I brought her down to some railroad tracks and told her we were going to do a Dick Dastard scene with her getting fucked while chained to railroad tracks.  Several lengths of chain and locks held her helpless with her neck across one track and her knees over the other.  I cut away parts of her black outfit so I had easy access to her breasts and pussy.   We were fucking away when about half a mile away, a light came around a bend.  The rumble was unmistakable.  I fumbled with the keys, dropped them, picked them up, dropped them again and, finally, yelled, “My God” and ran as the train approached at about 60 miles per hour.


Her scream was lovely as the train shot past… four feet to one side.  I had chained her to a siding.


This scene was considerably more complex than the earlier one.  Of course, it helped that the scene was carefully planned rather than being presented extemporaneously.  First, I had chosen black outfits for us so the train crew wouldn’t see anything.  Not that they could have done much, but it was common courtesy.  I had her consent; they were unknowing participants.  I had rechecked the locked manual switch at the head of the siding when I had taken a “piss break” during the scene.  I had been pretty sure that it was OK since earlier I had replaced the padlock on the chain holding the switch open with one of my own, but as I wrote earlier, all risks should be minimized.